Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've Got a World of Chances

Shirt/ Forever 21 Plaid Flannel/ Forever 21 Flats/ H&M Beanie/ Urban Outfitters Ring/ Forever 21 Infinity Scar/ Francescas

       My mood today called for comfort..the first thought that struck my mind was "leggings". Leggings have become faithful friends when jeans are out of the question. The plaid flannel added a bit of spice to the look and thats all it took for my heart to be satisfied. This beanie has to be one of the favorite items I own. I purchased it almost 4 years ago at Urban Outfitters and the beanie and I have been united ever since.  My goal this year has been to discipline myself to exercise everyday and so far I have kept to it. Two weeks strong..lets see how this goes. haha :) 
Until next time beautiful people! 


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