Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For Keeps

Hello Dear friends! I've swayed back and forth with the idea of not blogging anymore, yet I still hear the lovely comments from friends and readers of how much they wished I blogged more often. So here I am giving it another shot! This summer I am planning on truly remaining faithful to you all and  to bring you along a journey thats consistent! Hopefully I can hold to this :) 

Here we go! 
My lovely friend Amanda is probably the most creative human I am friends with! Seriously!!! Please take the time to look at her instagram( and follow along her many adventures.. be careful you..might get soo inspired that you might even follow her and catch a creatice bug! ;) 

Thanks for reading! 
Shoes: Steve Madden Jeans: ZARA Top: ZARA Bag: Kate Spade 

Dress: Primark (london) Shirt: NastyGal bag: Vintage Watch: MK

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