Sunday, August 24, 2014

Perfectly Plaid

Sandals || Franco Sarto  Jeans || UO  Plaid || F21  Shirt || Target  Bag || H&M

My typical school outfit would resemble something similar to this look. I get commnets like "You dress up too much for school" or "I honestly don't have that much time to get all dressy just for class." Well I truly have always been this way... even in high school! Styling, in my eyes, is an opportunity to express myself and has nothing to do with "dressing up" ;). Since classes have just begun I thought I'd show you a typical school look! On to more amusing things, shall we??
Lets talk jeans! I am currenly infatuated with these ripped jeans. During my trip to New York, I scored these lovely BDG high rise ripped jeans and have taken every possible chance to wear them. These beauties were orginally 90 dollars. However, they were on sale, and I proudly say that they came out to only 15 dollars!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! To add a little color to this look I decide to wrap some plaid around my waist and call it a day. 

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