Thursday, December 15, 2011

Corals & Florals


Shirt/ Forever 21 Skirt/ H&M Stockings/ Target Shoes/ Aldo Lipstick/ Revlon- Kiss Me Coral

 I am a novice at blogging and have wanted to start Scarlet Lips for months now. Finally, I made time for this new hobby of mine and hopefully you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting my style photos. 
 For this look I paired a floral high-low skirt with a black studded shirt. To top it all off, I took out my heels and made this outfit a bit more dressy. I am a huge fan of skirts and could not resist the temptation of buying this one. To be honest, I prefer to be in skirts over jeans any day! Anywho, my point being some skirts can not be combined with certain tops and I took the risk of pairing the skirt with a not so plain top.  
Hope you enjoy,



  1. Love it, welcome to "blogger land"!

  2. woooo
    Lovely boots <33


  3. I love this outfit! The boots are gorgeous. Would you like to follow each other? x

  4. Thank you!!!
    Sounds like a plan, I'll follow back :)