Friday, May 24, 2013

A Day In Paris

Tee/ Cotton On Skirt/H&M bag/ Primark watch/ Swatch 
Paris has always been the place where you hear a million people promclaim and praise the lovely pariiiii,( that's how I hear people say it in my head), which internally creates this urging desire to experience it for yourself. Therefore, I journied on a train with my family to the beautiful Paris. Two hours and 15 minutes later we arrived with a list of palces to visit and accompanied by a tour guide of course. I wish I spent more time to get the full experience, but this one day trip was enough to leave me with desire to return. We were able to have lunch on the Eiffel Tower, ride on a river boat around the city, and roam abound th streets. 
As for my outfit, I chose a white skirt with a graphic tee from Cotten On. Since I knew walking was involved, I wore my converse so that I could actually enjoy the walking. I can never go wrong with that choice! I will return to Paris one day! Thanks for stopping by :) 


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  1. Love this outfit! Especially the skirt! All the London and Paris pics are beautiful. It truly looks like you hadba wondeful time!!