Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Scarlet Lips!

Skirt/ F21 Top/ F21 Oxfords/ Aldo Socks/ dad's 

Can you believe it? It has been exactly 12 months since I created Scarlets Lips! This has truly been a lovely journey which I have been able to travel. It is such a privilege to share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with you all.. I am most certainly blessed! Thank you for reading and giving me some of your time.. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do posting these photos for you all. I'm praying for another successful year with the blog! 
The outfit is quite simple. I find great joy in spicing up an outfit with some cute socks. Whether they be scrunched at the bottom or stretched out to my knees.. they just add a wonderful touch! Lately, I have been doing my hair a little different. After awhile I get bored of the same routine, which led me to curling my hair the opposite direction( towards my face instead of away from it). This look is more of a vintage style that I have seen on many stars lately. I love it!
 Hope you are enjoying you're holiday! 


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